Elder Leandra Green

Author. High Impact Motivational Speaker. Blogger. Preacher.

“A Woman of Purpose Fulfilling God’s Plan for Her Life”

Elder Leandra Green is a celebrated Author and Minister that has been commissioned by God to empower, and equip his people to discover their purpose and maximize their potential. She has been graced to deliver life changing methods through the power of God’s written instruction and grace. Elder Leandra Green believes that in order to live a life of fulfillment you must experience living whole through your mind, body and soul.

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Inspired and Redeemed ``Quickened to Change``

Discover how God can “Inspire” (Quicken) and “Redeem” (Change) you after going through some of the most difficult tests in your life. As you read this book I ask that you will begin to dig deep beyond your life as it is on today. And as you go beyond your education, your accomplishments, your singleness/marriage, your image, and even your social status you will find that there may be some painful places that still linger in your life as it is on today.

Inspired and Redeemed "Quickened to Change"